Trading Futures with Yellen FED not acting in September(1 min read)

As Yellen from the FED was not ready to act in September. Meaning no rate hike in september 2016. The market looks now forward for a possible rate hike in December or early 2017. The Fed has hiked before in December, I believe even last year. So there is a high probability in December for the Fed to Hike rates.

The market processed the disappointment and the SP500 went up. Price moved in a nice uptrend. This was based upon a Fibonacci 61.8 target of the first AB level, this was the CD leg.

In Futures I mostly trade for ticks sometimes points. In this case it was a nice Tick Fib setup.

You can also trade the SP500 as CFD product, for example on the Dukascopy platform.