Learn how to BANK Profits! Study with TradeReact.com(1 min read)

Learn how to BANK Profits!

Here I wanted to show you my trading balance of today. As you could have read already on my NFP trade on USD/JPY and on USD/CAD today, I made some profit. Not to brag, but to show you what is possible on a day like today with a good NFP fundamental news release. Total of 585,5 pips of profit, do that times your Euro, Dollar or Pound amount with the Leverage you use. Then you can know this helps to improve your balance and margin to have room to trade. Or at the end of the month you can pay yourself. For example for a nice PC upgrade with Two 4K UHD screens and 2x GTX 980 in SLI to play some relaxing games with your friends. Look at my Instagram @nuonrg where I posted images of this.

You see all were winning trades but 1. The GBP/JPY was actually also going strong down but had a bit of a spike during the NFP so I choose to close it with a small loss. I expect further downside on that pair.

Learn how to BANK Profits! Study with TradeReact.com

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Good trading. Always manage your risk exposure, by limiting your trading size and leverage, according to your account size.

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