EUR/GBP Near Parity? Did you benefit from the GBP move recently?(1 min read)

Have a look at the Forecast on the EUR/GBP pair that I made on Dukascopy Live TV.

First I expect some continuation into the 61.8 fib around the 0.88 level

Next I see some retracement come in towards 0.84 or 0.81

Then there is more room for upside from the 2009 trendline level.

There is room all the way up into the recent highs from 0.88 and even up into fib targets around 0.91 and 0.96.

That comes with an intermediate bounce on 0.88 so new traders can step in long.


Will it end up even on Parity in the long term? 1.00 level on EUR/GBP ?

We will see.

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