3 Strikes and Out with Profit! EUR/USD shoot Up on ECB news. 20151203(2 min read)

Fundamental news explained.

Early this European midday for me at 13:45 hours, also early in the US session, the President of the ECB, Mr. Draghi came out with news about the Euro program. The Minimum Bid Rate stayed the same at 0.05%. Also the ECB’s governing council decided to expand its bond-buying purchase scheme at least until the end of March 2017. But the council lowered the deposit facility rate to -0.3% from -0.20%. This was disappointing because the market was expecting and seemingly priced in, expectations for a deeper rate cut to -0.4%.

Trade explained, 3 Strikes and Out.

Before news there was a quick spike where early buyers stepped in. After that a higher low was formed. The market moved pretty fast after that. I explained it all in my webinar, where I discussed my entries and exits. Also I showed on what technical levels I based my trades upon. I will place the link below so you can go watch my webinar recording. I used Tick charts together with Time charts. This combined with Pivot points and Fibonacci levels gave me great clear sight of the opportunities that arise before me. I traded 2 pull-backs of price and 1 break-out of price, totaling 3 trades of more then 200 Pips in profit! That in under 1 hour of trading is absolutely amazing.

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